Venue #8: Finbar’s


Address: 167 Main Street Burlington, VT (Corner of Church and Main)

Shows at this venue: 4/6/85, 5/7/85, 10/17/85, 9/10/86

Notable song debuts: I Am Hydrogen, Letter to Jimmy Page, Run Like an Antelope, Dave’s Energy Guide

Status: Still standing. Became Manhattan Pizza in 1993.

Can you visit it? Yeah. Great spot for a slice while hitting the bars of Burlington.

When I lived in Vermont, I used to stop into Manhattan Pizza for a quick bite roaming around Burlington. It was only recently that I found out Phish had once graced its tiny stage. Still a bright spot in Burlington’s changing bar scene, this place still has that old school feeling.

Venue #7: Hunt’s


Address: 101 Main Street Burlington, VT

Shows at this venue: 3/2/85, 3/4/85, 4/19/85, 10/30/85, 2/3/86, 3/2/86, 4/1/86, 5/24/86, 9/3/86, 10/15/86, 1/19/87, 1/21/87, 9/2/87, 9/3/87, 10/14/87, 10/21/87, 11/18/87, 11/19/87

Notable song debuts: Harry Hood, Dog Log, You Enjoy Myself, Icculus, AC/DC Bag, Lushington, Sanity, Clod, I Didn’t Know, Dinner and a Movie

Status: Still standing. Original venue became Sha Na Na’s in the late 1980s. Fire gutted building in 2003. Renovated in 2014.

Can you visit it? Yeah. Upper part of building is lobby and pool for Hilton Garden Inn. Lower part is Vermont Comedy Club.

While everyone knows about Nectar’s, nobody knows about Hunt’s. Maybe it’s because it didn’t survive the 80s like Nectar’s but it is just as, if not more, important in Phish’s history. Take a look at that song list and you’ll see how important it was a space for Phish to grow. Hunt’s was also a marquee music venue for the city of Burlington during its 10 year run from 1977-87. Among those to grace its stage include B.B. King, Roy Orbison, Gregg Allman, Pat Metheny, Taj Mahal, and Jerry Lee Lewis. That Phish was able to take that same stage just years after forming speaks loudly to how much they had taken Burlington’s music scene and were quickly moving up.

Venue #6: Doolin’s


Address: 159 Main Street Burlington, VT

Shows at this venue: 2/1/85, 2/15/85, 2/22/85, 2/25/85, 3/8/85, 3/16/85, 3/29/85

Notable song debuts: Mike’s Song, Alumni Blues, Sneakin’ Sally Thru The Alley

Status: Still standing.

Can you visit it? Yeah, it’s a sports bar and restaurant still.

Located just next to the Flynn Theatre, Doolin’s was Phish’s first steady bar gig, playing during happy hour. Not much is known outside 3 short set lists that survive but nonetheless, the legacy of Burlington’s Main Street in Phish’s career must include this spot, if only for being the birthplace of Mike’s Song.

Venue #5: Nectar’s (Upstairs) (aka Metronome)


(Photo credit:

Address: 188 Main Street Burlington, VT

Shows at this venue: 12/1/84

Notable song debuts: Slave to the Traffic Light, Cities, Skippy the Wondermouse (early McGrupp), Fluffhead

Status: Still standing. Most likely renovated since Phish played there.

Can you visit it? Yeah. Buy tickets for an upcoming show at

I probably don’t need to go one too much about the importance of Nectar’s in Phish history. However, it is important to note that this show, one of the earliest bootlegs to circulate, didn’t happen in the main room downstairs. It happened upstairs in the space now known as Club Metronome. The 3rd gig billed as Phish, this show also marked the formal start of the band as many treasured tunes still in the Phish catalog came out of this show. First fan Amy Skelton recalls Phish playing many other shows upstairs at Nectar’s but this is the only one currently on record.

Venue 4: Slade Hall


(Photo credit: Sabrina Hood/VT Cynic)

Address: 420 S. Prospect St. South Burlington, VT

Shows at this venue: 11/3/84, 5/31/85, 9/27/85, 10/20/85, 11/2/85, 2/28/86, 11/14/86, 2/21/87

Notable song debuts: Camel Walk

Status: Still standing. Lightly renovated in 2014-16.

Can you visit it? No.

The first Phish venue to have some real history, Phish played 8 shows in the basement of this UVM dorm starting on 11/3/1984. This dorm was built in 1928 and designed by McKim, Mead, and White, the architects behind such grand buildings as the original Pennsylvania Station, Boston Public Library, and Burlington City Hall. Slade Hall is currently different from other dorms in that it has operated as an environmental cooperative since 1981. Many of Phish’s environmental directives, such as bringing Greenpeace on tour earlier in their career and the work of their WaterWheel Foundation, most likely stem from Trey’s time as a resident of Slade in the fall of 1985. However, the Slade Cooperative is under threat as renovation work has stopped and the former residents are being asked to merge with another dorm. You can find out more at As of now, Slade Hall remains under construction so no visitors are allowed.

Venue #3: The Grant Street Garage

Address: 69 Grant Street, Burlington, VT

Shows at this venue: 10/23/84

Notable song debuts: Makisupa Policeman

Status: Private Residence

Can you visit it? Walk or Drive by

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.45.07 PM

The previous two shows, the band was billed as Blackwood Convention. It was here on Grant Street, in Burlington’s Old North End, that the band played their first show as Phish. Sandwiched between North Winooski and N Union Street, the band actually played the garage whose roof can be seen on the left of this photo. The show also boasted the band’s first show poster; a flyer advertising the gig. As it is a private residence, I would suggest not visiting but walking by after picking up Heady Topper at Pearl Street Beverage, located just around the corner from this spot.

Venue #2: Marsh/Austin/Tupper Dorm


Address: 31 Spear Street, Burlington, VT 05405

Shows at this venue: 12/3/83

Status: Open but Renovated in 2007

Can you visit it? Sort of.

The next day, Phish moved one residence hall block over to Marsh/Austin/Tupper Halls. Not much else is known or even where they played. Again, as with any UVM property, you would need to be escorted by a University of Vermont student or staff member to visit and wouldn’t be very exciting. Another one to just drive by and wonder.