Venue 4: Slade Hall


(Photo credit: Sabrina Hood/VT Cynic)

Address: 420 S. Prospect St. South Burlington, VT

Shows at this venue: 11/3/84, 5/31/85, 9/27/85, 10/20/85, 11/2/85, 2/28/86, 11/14/86, 2/21/87

Notable song debuts: Camel Walk

Status: Still standing. Lightly renovated in 2014-16.

Can you visit it? No.

The first Phish venue to have some real history, Phish played 8 shows in the basement of this UVM dorm starting on 11/3/1984. This dorm was built in 1928 and designed by McKim, Mead, and White, the architects behind such grand buildings as the original Pennsylvania Station, Boston Public Library, and Burlington City Hall. Slade Hall is currently different from other dorms in that it has operated as an environmental cooperative since 1981. Many of Phish’s environmental directives, such as bringing Greenpeace on tour earlier in their career and the work of their WaterWheel Foundation, most likely stem from Trey’s time as a resident of Slade in the fall of 1985. However, the Slade Cooperative is under threat as renovation work has stopped and the former residents are being asked to merge with another dorm. You can find out more at As of now, Slade Hall remains under construction so no visitors are allowed.

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