Venue #3: The Grant Street Garage

Address: 69 Grant Street, Burlington, VT

Shows at this venue: 10/23/84

Notable song debuts: Makisupa Policeman

Status: Private Residence

Can you visit it? Walk or Drive by

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.45.07 PM

The previous two shows, the band was billed as Blackwood Convention. It was here on Grant Street, in Burlington’s Old North End, that the band played their first show as Phish. Sandwiched between North Winooski and N Union Street, the band actually played the garage whose roof can be seen on the left of this photo. The show also boasted the band’s first show poster; a flyer advertising the gig. As it is a private residence, I would suggest not visiting but walking by after picking up Heady Topper at Pearl Street Beverage, located just around the corner from this spot.

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