Show #100: Hamilton College Clinton, NY

Friday, 05/05/1989
Sigma Phi House, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY

Set 1: Golgi Apparatus,  You Enjoy Myself,  Ya Mar,  Fluffhead >  Alumni Blues >  Letter to Jimmy Page >  Alumni Blues,  Donna Lee,  Fee >  Run Like an Antelope

Set 2: I Didn’t Know,  Take the ‘A’ Train,  Good Times Bad Times,  McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters

The Sigma Phi house at Hamilton College as seen today.
The Sigma Phi house at Hamilton College as seen today.

Man, I can’t believe with is show review #100. That really means 1500 to go still but it’s a nice milestone to reach. I also wish we had a better show for #100 but this is a real stinker. There are cuts all over the place right in the middle of songs. We only get half of set 2. And the playing isn’t inspired at all. We also don’t know where this show took place. Some say it was back at Sigma Phi, where another poster says it was at McEwan Coffee House due to rain. says Sigma Phi might not even be the right venue. We know about the rain due to Trey’s awesome intro to “Ya Mar”, the first time I’d heard him make the Phish underwater pun due to everyone being in the “swimming pool down in front of the stage.” The other highlight is hearing Phish ad-lib as his vacuum is once again not plugged in. He finally gets it going for a nice solo. I’d say you can definitely skip this tape.